中科院营养代谢与食品安全重点实验室学术报告:Hypothalamic basis of aging and metabolic syndrome

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Speaker: Prof. Dongsheng Cai, M.D., Ph.D.
           Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology
           Young Men's Division Chair in Physiology
           Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Title: Hypothalamic basis of aging and metabolic syndrome

Time: 10:00 am,June 25 (Monday),2018

Venue: Room 2239, Block A, Life Science Research Building, 320 Yueyang Road,Shanghai

Host: Prof. Feifan Guo
        Key Laboratory of Nutrition, Metabolism and Food Safety
        Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS

        Dr. Cai's research has centered on studying the interface of neuroendocrinology and immunology in the molecular and physiological pathogenesis of diabetes and the underlying metabolic syndrome. These efforts focus on the integrative connections among metabolism, immunology, neuroscience and endocrinology, which represent a foundation in linking a variety of epidemic factors (such as overnutrition and aging) to diabetes and pre-diabetic metabolic syndrome (such as glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, obesity, and hypertension). These efforts utilize state-of-the-art cell and molecular biological approaches that include genetic animal models in addition to physiological, neuroscience and endocrine methodologies. These studies are providing important new information for understanding of the molecular, cellular and physiological events in the etiology of metabolic syndrome and aging, hoping to help offer new therapeutic strategies against various deleterious diseases from these conditions.

        All are welcome!

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